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2019-2020 Gratitude Report


Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P. ’78 & ’82G
College President

What I have seen and experienced over the past several months represents some of the most difficult challenges Providence College has ever faced, as well as a response that demonstrates the very best of who we are. As members of God’s loving family, we have been called to act with integrity, guided by compassion, equity, and generosity. 

It is only through that generosity and the commitment and strength in numbers of the Friar family that PC was resourced to quickly meet the urgent needs of students and faculty who were struggling through the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic. Your gifts to PC made a profound impact on our community in ways that continue today.

Please join me in praying for Providence College, and that every member of our community may remain healthy and safe.  

Thank you.    

Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P. ’78 & ’82G
College President

Because of you …

Financial Aid awards increased for PC students, many of whose families suffered lost income and illness.

Some 4,000 students returned to campus life this fall in a healthy and secure environment.

Major investments in technology have prepared PC for multiple learning options to keep our community safe.

New emotional health and wellbeing services have been added for all students coping with the uncertainty of this crisis.

Thank you.

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I cannot thank Providence College enough for providing me with the opportunity to pursue an education while playing a sport. I have had amazing athletic, academic, and social experiences and have built lifelong friendships. PC will always be my second home. I give back because I am investing in the future excellence of students that are continuing their education at PC and beyond. 

Kayla Fitzgerald ’17

As parents of a first-generation Friar we were immediately welcomed into the Providence College community and have enjoyed the interactions and friendships developed over the years.  While neither of us are PC graduates, the alumni network has certainly accepted us as if we are and they provide incredible guidance and support to students.  Sports are a significant part of our daily lives and we are happy to support athletics where needed.  We are equally honored to assist students who have a financial need so they can continue their PC journey and to support the development of new programs and curriculum focused on creating a diverse and inclusive community. 

Chris Russo ’21P and Carleen Russo ’21P 

We give back because Providence College holds a very important place in our hearts. Not only is it the physical location where we first met over 35 years ago but it is also where we found “ourselves” in so many ways…the faculty, Dominicans, fellow students, and varied curriculum nurtured our minds, souls, friendships, and vocations. Providence College taught us that faith and reason can work hand-in-hand in the pursuit of truth. We are ever grateful for this foundation on which we’ve built our lives and family. 

Kim Snyder Goldberg ’85, ’20P and Mark William Goldberg ’85, ’20P

Your Generosity Makes a Difference