Dear Friends,

father shanley talking

If you stand in a certain spot near the Calabria Plaza, you can turn around and see the Ruane Center for the Humanities, the Science Complex addition, the Ray Treacy Track, and the Ruane Friar Development Center. Turn again, and you can see the lights above Chapey Field at Anderson Stadium peek through a stand of stately oaks and maples.

As recently as 2013, none of those things – except the trees – existed, and we have you to thank for this remarkable view.

The transformation of Providence College is perhaps most obvious in our buildings and grounds, but it goes much deeper. Thanks to the generosity of so many, we can provide support for faculty members who have innovative teaching ideas, we offer more opportunities for study abroad, and we can make Providence College more affordable for students whose outlook will change the world.

None of this would be possible without the support of our alumni and our friends who believe in Providence College and provide us with the means to take the long view – and it has never looked better. We are grateful beyond words, and we are delighted to recognize all of our supporters in this gratitude report.

Wishing you God’s most abundant blessings,

Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P. ’80
College President

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The opportunities provided by my PC education led to a successful 40 year career in the Aerospace industry. My wife Carol and I have always been treated like family by the PC alumni in Northern and Southern California and in Washington, D.C. We are inspired each year by the high quality of human beings graduating from PC and becoming part of our alumni ranks. We donate each year so that students in financial need can continue their PC education and become respected members of their communities.


As double alumni of Providence College, where our relationship began over 25 years ago, we feel a deep connection with the school. We each individually, and collectively, had amazing academic, cultural, and social experiences and have built lasting friendships. We believe giving back to PC will allow the school to continue to thrive for future generations.


As a Public and Community Service Studies major, I was surrounded by visionary students and professors who sought to improve the lives of others. We encouraged each other to think differently and utilize our talents for the broader good. As an alumnus, I continue to learn about the endeavors of those who make the Feinstein Institute what it is — an inclusive community of social entrepreneurs. I give because I am inspired by their work and know that by supporting their efforts, I’m supporting positive change in Providence and beyond.


Your Generosity Makes a Difference