2021-2022 Gratitude Report

Dear Friends,

Natalie Silverstein and Fr. Sicard
PC Women Light the Way 2022

God puts in our paths many things meant to inspire us – the roaring stream, the beautiful piece of music, the sweet smile on a child’s face. In his wisdom and generosity, the Lord gives us what we need to animate our journeys through life. 

We can probably all acknowledge that there have been times, especially in 2020 and 2021, when we have struggled to appreciate the beauty around us and sources of inspiration in our lives. But now, as we are back to being together and doing the things we love most, we find our hearts ever-more open to recognizing those gifts and being thankful for them. I know that I feel that way, and I hope you are finding that same joy in your lives.

This notion came into sharp focus for me recently when I was at an alumni reception, full of good cheer and Friar fellowship. I realized how much inspiration I get from our generous, committed friends who provide the encouragement and resources we need to pursue our high aspirations. You support the College for no reason other than an unselfish desire to make PC stronger and ensure its future. That makes all the difference for PC and – most importantly – for its students, and I am forever grateful.

Thank you.    

Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P., Ph. D. ’78 & ’82G
College President

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