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Leadership Societies 2021-2022

Thoughtful leaders who care about Providence College are vital to our future. PC acknowledges the support of our generous benefactors in many ways, including the following leadership giving societies.

1917 Society

The 1917 Society recognizes cumulative lifetime giving to Providence College; membership is extended to donors who have reached a minimum of $250,000 lifetime giving total. Bold indicates new members for 2021-2022. † indicates that the donor is deceased.

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Harkins Society

Named for the founder of Providence College, Bishop Matthew Harkins, D.D., the Harkins Society recognizes the following benefactors who have named the College in their estate plans or established future gifts. Bold indicates new members for 2021-2022.· † indicates that the donor is deceased.

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Anonymous (27)   

John J. Accinno ’46, ’93Hon.† and Jean Accinno  

Mario Accinno ’40† and Mafalda Accinno†

Francis X. Acunzo ’81, ’15P, ’17P and Colleen M. Acunzo ’15P, ’17P 

Paul J. Alagero ’81  

Arthur T. Alcarez ’53  

Anthony N. Alias†

Dr. Bernard Amero ’70 and Anthony Serratore

Edward Andreozzi

Karl W. Anderson ’88 and Kathleen F. Anderson ’88 

Donald Antaya ’43† and Mary Antaya  

Francis X. Archambault ’66 

Joan M. Arnold ’77 and Michael J. Votalato  

Paul J. Austin ’63† and Jean M. Austin 

David P. Barchi ’62, ’98G 

John B. Barnini ’40†

Michael P. Barrett ’62  

Robert L. Barry ’61†

Henry E. Bartels† and Nancy H. Bartels 

Howard C. Bedford ’90Hon., ’76P, ’77P, ’84P, ’85P, ’93GP, ’98GP, ’14GP and Claire Bedford ’76P, ’77P, ’84P, ’85P, ’93GP, ’98GP, ’14GP 

Thomas V. Beirne ’65 and Kathleen Walsh Beirne 

Mary Rogers Beckert†

Norman R. Beretta, Sr. ’60, ’01P and Joyce A. Beretta ’01P 

Richard J. Berman ’65 

Michael E. Bibeault ’12SCE, ’14G

Edward G. Blankstein, M.D. ’62

Richard N. Bohan, Jr. ’86 and Dotsie T. Bohan 

Thomas F. Bonniol ’55† and Betty Bonniol 

Harold D. Bornstein, M.D.† and Maureen Bornstein†

Major Arthur G. Boucher ’59†

Roland A. Bouffard, M.D. ’60†  

Richard E. Buonaccorsi ’71

Ellen M. Bourbon ’80 

John Bowab ’55, ’89Hon. 

Thomas C. Boyan, Jr. ’85 and Dr. Leann Boyan  

Dennis P. Brady ’77 

Robert M. Breen†

Lawrence G. Brown ’82, ’12P and Lori Brown ’12P 

Vito D. Buonomano, D.D.S. ’53, ’13Hon., ’78P, ’80P, ’84P† and Dr. Louise J. Buonomano ’76G, ’13Hon., ’78P, ’80P, ’84P 

Raymond T. Butkus ’73 and Mary E. Livingston  

Leo Caiafa, Jr.† and Lucille Caiafa†

Ronald A. Calabria ’67, ’95P, ’95P and Katherine Calabria ’95P, ’95P 

Joseph Canavan ’65, ’89P† and Mary Beth Canavan ’89P 

Carl J. Cappadona, C.P.A. ’65, ’91P, ’95P, ’96P and Anne Marie Cappadona ’91P, ’95P, ’96P  

Mary Pat Larkin Caputo ’79, ’12P and Gene Caputo ’12P

Joseph A. Carbone, Esq. ’49  

Alphonse R. Cardi, M.D. ’38† and Elvira Cardi†

David R. Castanho ’01G 

John Catolino ’77G†

Brian P. Cavanagh ’71  

John P. Cello, M.D. ’65 

Joseph K. Cembrola ’72, ’03P and Joan Cembrola ’03P

George J. Charette, III ’74 and Karen M. Charette

Dr. Samuel J. Chester ’34, ’94Hon.† and Esther Chester†

Maurice I. Chorney ’38† and Susan Chorney 

Gregory S. Christenson ’89 and Eileen H. Christenson ’90  

William J. Christie, CLU, ChFC ’61, ’11Hon., ’86P, ’93P, ’93P, ’17GP and Maryann M. Christie ’86P, ’93P, ’93P, ’17GP  

Joseph M. Cianciolo ’60, ’08P and Judith H. Cianciolo ’08P 

Caitlin D. Clarke ’02 and Jeffrey Clarke

John W. Clegg ’53 and Lillian H. Clegg 

Bruce L. Cole ’83G and Marcia A. Cole 

Christine Colannino†

Dr. Thomas J. Coleman ’42† and Bebette Coleman  

Jean-Marie Coletta ’88  

Nancie O’Hara Coogan ’80, ’15P 

Edward A. Cooley and Nurys C. Cooley ’19SCE

Vito L. Coppa, M.D. ’42† and Elda P. Coppa†

Thomas P. Corcoran ’80 and Amy Corcoran 

Andrew C. Corsini ’57, ’81P, ’83P†

Gustave C. Coté ’62Hon.† and Rita Coté†

Paul A. Courcy ’67 and Carol C. Courcy  

Christine Petteruti Crean ’78 and John Crean  

Terry A. Creegan III ’70 and Jeanne Creegan  

Gerald M. Crotty K.S.G. ’50†

Biruta Cunningham†

Antonio D’Angelo, M.D. ’24† 

Ruth S. D’Atri†

Donald F. Davies ’56†

William R. Davis, Esq. ’52, ’92Hon., ’79P† and Joanne Davis ’79P†

Daniel P. DeCesare, D.D.S. ’59, ’88P, ’91P 

Michael F. Demcsak, Jr. ’66 and Gail E. Demcsak 

Marie Devlin†

Louis M. Dilulio ’82G

Brian G. Dobbins ’70 and Susan Dobbins  

Edward F. Dobbins ’68 and Dorothy Osborne

Robert E. Donnelly, Esq. ’68

Colonel Noel J. Doyle, Jr. ’58 and Carolyn B. Doyle†

James M. Drinan, Esq. ’78 

Arlene M. Duffy  

Frank P. Duffy, Jr. ’83  and Colleen M. Duffy ’83

Col. John J. Durant ’55† and Jean Durant†  

Stephen C. Duryea ’82, ’17P, ’19P and Benedicte R. Duryea ’17P, ’19P 

Francis M. Dwyer ’59 and Emmy Dwyer  

John J. Dwyer ’58† and Susan H. Dwyer 

Beverly Everson† and Kirke B. Everson, Jr.†

Paul J. Fahey ’53†

John R. Farrell ’67 and Janet Farrell 

John F. Fay ’68†

John J. Finan, Jr., Esq. ’52, ’80P, ’82P, ’84P and Anita Finan ’80P, ’82P, ’84P 

Margaret Finnerty† 

Robert W. Fiondella, Esq. ’64, ’16Hon., ’16GP, ’24GP and Carolyn Fiondella ’16GP, ’24GP 

John W. Flynn ’61, ’22Hon. and Joan M. Brissette Flynn  

Rev. William D. Folsey, O.P. ’55†  

Jane A. Ford ’83

Frank Formica

Victor H. Forni ’73 and Joan Ann Ford ’83

Mary Forte and Nicholas F. Forte

Harold E. Fox, M.D. ’61 and Joanne Fox 

Bobbie M. Fried ’67  

Everett B. Gabriel ’71, ’77G

Charles Gagliardi ’67 

Paul R. Galietto ’78, ’15P 

Florence Gallogly ’68P, ’70P, ’71P, ’73P†

Frank A. Galizia ’64†

Michael A. Gammino†

Dr. Donna Geffner ’03Hon. 

Dominic Gencarello ’28†

Philip T. Gennaro, D.D.S. ’44†

Catherine T. Gentilella†

John J. Glier ’71 and Vicki J. Woodward  

Alexander F. Grande ’59 and Geraldine Grande

Filippo Guerini-Maraldi ’86

Dr. William P. Haas ’48 and Pauline Haas†

The Honorable Judson Hamlin ’58

James M. Harkin ’68, ’97P 

William D. Harkins ’65, ’90P 

Mark F. Harriman ’88 

George E. Harrington ’65 and Alesandra Harrington†

Dr. Raymond P. Heath ’65 and Carol Heath  

Jane P. Driscoll ’82

Carmelina A. Hennessy†

Deborah A. Henry ’78, ’84G, ’96G 

Joseph A. Henry ’78P† 

Rev. Francis J. Hicks ’63  

Jean W. Himmelsbach ’70G†

Mary I. Houlihan†

Dr. Vincent L. Hughes ’48† and Eileen M. Hughes 

Rev. John J. Hurley, Jr. ’61  

Rev. James P. Hynes†

William M. Incera ’77  

Dr. Francis J. Jackson ’54† and Nancy McMahon 

Mary E. Jacobs ’83 

Alison Channer James ’94, ’23P 

Edward Jankowski

Thomas L. Jassak ’49†

Dr. William J. Jennings, Jr. ’65, ’65G

David F. Jones ’70  

Morgan E. Jutras ’14G 

Charles R. Karjanis, Jr. ’77†

Dr. Joseph T. Keeley ’78†

Brian J. Kelly ’66 

Edward P. Kelly†

James J. Kelly ’80 and Whitney Greaves 

Heidi M. Kenny ’76  

Peter C. Kenny, III, M.D. ’67 and Donna S. Kenny 

Kernan F. King ’65 and Christine King 

Alfred A. Lamy ’53, ’81P, ’85P, ’21GP† and Barbara D. Lamy ’81P, ’85P, ’21GP†

John M. Lane ’59†

James B. Leach, Jr., M.D. ’52, ’81P† and Evelyn V. Leach ’81P†

Thomas G. Leahy ’70, ’96P, ’99P, ’02P and Maureen Leahy ’96P, ’99P, ’02P 

William C. Leary ’60, ’10Hon. and Emily Leary ’21Hon. 

Thomas J. Lee, Jr. ’60† 

Michael J. Lenahan ’72P, ’81P†

Rev. Joseph L. Lennon, O.P. ’40, ’61Hon.†

Paula L. Levesque and Gerald H. Levesque ’74, ’76G†

Kathleen H. Liebfried ’77

Elaine P. Liming ’83G  

Joseph P. Lombardozzi, M.D. ’61 

Daniel A. Luciano ’70 and Sidra Luciano  

Rudolph Lux, Jr. ’50† and Dorothy I. Lux†

John J. Mahoney, Esq. ’65† and Angela Mahoney   

Elizabeth B. Manchester ’02, ’16G and Bernard A. Manchester ’04 

John C. Manning, Ph.D. ’52†

David E. Martinelli ’72, ’76G, ’02P and Leslie Martinellli ’02P

Joseph C. Martirano ’59, ’89P and Janet G. Martirano ’89P

Kathryn Bisegna Martz ’84 and Joseph S. Martz

George D. Mason ’84 and Hon. Jeanne Lafazia 

Frank W. Mastrola, Jr., D.D.S. ’56† and Susan B. Mastrola†

Robert J. Mathieu, Esq. ’64, ’91P, ’97P and Maura Mathieu ’91P, ’97P 

Donna T. McCaffrey ’73G, ’83Ph.D., ’87G†

Michael J. McCarthy ’80  

Dr. Robert E. McCarthy ’67, ’69G 

Thomas R. McCauley ’60 

Robert J. McClellan ’59  

George F. McDonald ’62† and Gloria McDonald†

Isabel T. McGarry†

Kevin G. McGuire ’76†

Sally Ann McGurkinand Francis McGurkin

Michele M. McHugh ’80 and Dr. John M. McHugh 

William McKiernan ’45† 

Thomas R. McLaughlin ’84 and Karen Killoy McLaughlin ’84  

John F. McMahon, Jr. ’50† and Mary C. McMahon 

William F. McMahon, Esq. ’52† and Judith McMahon  

Nancy Jean McNamara ’84 

Antone Medeiros ’64 

Susan Frame Millstein ’81 and Ira M. Millstein, Esq. 

John T. Mitchell ’67, ’94P and Sara Mitchell ’94P 

Francis E. Moan, Jr. ’70†

John E. Monahan ’40†

Bernard G. Mondor ’04Hon.† and Madeleine Mondor  

Dr. John V. Monsour ’69 

Melissa A. Moore, Esq. ’01 

John W. Moroney ’27† and Helen F. Moroney†

Cheryl A. Morrissey, Esq. ’82, ’19P 

Timothy C. Moynahan, Esq. ’61   

John R. Mullen, M.D. ’78  

Dr. Thomas M. Mulvey ’64  

Christopher F. Murphy ’74, ’20P and Heidi W. Murphy ’20P

Michael J. Murphy ’65 and Patricia L. Murphy 

Thomas M. Murphy ’63 and Terri Murphy  

John C. Myrick, M.D. ’27†

John R. Napoletano ’77  

James A. Nelli and Barbara C. Nelli ’81 

Robert L. Newbert, Jr. ’69 and Mary Jane Newbert ’77G

William T. Nero ’55, ’77G, ’82P, ’84P, ’86P, ’86P, ’87P, ’89P† 

Francis X. Nihill ’64† and Cathy Nihill  

Roy A. Noble ’62  

Kim S. Nolan ’75, ’08P and Monica Nolan ’08P 

Wallace Nowel† and Wanda Nowel†

Chester T. Nuttall, Jr. ’55  

Charles A. O’Brien, Jr. ’59 

Joseph R. O’Brien ’59 

Michael P. O’Brien ’99 and Meaghan E. O’Brien

Richard J. O’Connor, Esq. ’75 

Dr. Kevin C. O’Kane 

James A. O’Leary, Esq. ’63, ’97P and Jeanne F. O’Leary ’97P 

Richard F. O’Rourke ’70, ’01P and Mary Ellen O’Rourke ’01P 

Matthew T. Oliverio ’82, ’10P, ’15P and Karen A. Oliverio ’81, ’10P, ’15P

Leonard J. Pacheco ’56† and Diane Roberts†

Robert J. Palmisano ’66, ’89P, ’24GP and Jane Palmisano ’89P, ’24GP

John J. Partridge, Esq. ’61, ’11Hon. and Regina Partridge 

Richard D. Pellegrino ’64 and Patty Pellegrino

Paul A. Pelletier ’67, ’20GP and Elaine Pelletier ’20GP  

Morton L. Perel, D.D.S., M. Sc.D. and Dr. Jane L. Perel ’15Hon. 

John S. Pietryzk ’66 

Kevin C. Phelan ’66, ’15Hon. and Anne D. Phelan  

Vincent T. Plona, Jr. ’64, ’07P and Karen E. Plona ’07P 

Ann M. Posemann† 

John S. Quinn ’69, ’95P, ’97P and Claire Riedl ’95P, ’97P

Thomas H. Quinn, Esq. ’59

Augustine C. Ramos, D.D.S. ’50† and Anne Ramos†  

Rev. Robert J. Randall ’06Hon. 

Anthony J. Reale ’42†

Thomas A. Reardon ’48†

Edwin J. Reavey ’65†

John T. Reid ’66 and Susanne H. Reid 

Robert F. Reilly ’42, ’92Hon.† and Mary Anne Reilly ’02Hon.  

Robert L. Renaud ’60 

Mark G. Renda ’83

Frank Richard ’70 

John T. Riley ’41† and Alma P. Riley†

Susan Ritter ’00P

David E. Roach ’71, ’02P and Linda Roach ’02P  

George Rogers, Esq. ’58†

John A. Roque, M.D. ’38† and Elizabeth B. Roque†

Lucy J. Rosati†

James A. Rosmond, Ph.D. ’58, ’69G 

Fay A. Rozovsky, JD, MPH ’73SCE, ’06P, ’08P†

Michael A. Ruane ’71, ’13Hon. and Elizabeth Ruane 

Allan G. Russ ’70 

William D. Russell ’69 and Pamela A. Russell 

Dale A. Ryan ’64, ’75G, ’07P†

Francis T. Ryan ’62 and Devote M. Ryan†

Michael J. Saccardi ’66 

Ilena S. Sack

Edward L. Scanlon ’55, ’00Hon., ’14GP and Andrée L. Scanlon ’14GP 

William C. Schopfer ’66 and Barbara A. Schopfer†

Michael J. Schumann ’93 and Sara Schumann

Alfred L. Scullin, Jr. ’68 and Lynda A. Scullin

John C. Seelinger ’64 and Janifer H. Seelinger 

Peter E. Shanaghan ’80 and Connie J. Shanaghan  

Joseph V. Shanley ’49, ’80P, ’09GP, ’19GP† and Elaine Shanley ’80P, ’09GP, ’19GP †

John J. Shaw and Ann Shaw

John R. Sheil ’43† and Beverly Sheil†

Ann E. Simeone, Ph.D. ’79

Lauretta M. Sinkosky

Anthony Sion, Jr. ’56, ’81P and Lillian Sion ’81P†

Thomas J. Skala ’65, ’89P, ’92P, ’23GP and Rachel Skala ’89P, ’92P, ’23GP 

William D. Slattery, Jr. ’53, ’03Hon.† and Barbara A. Slattery†

Harold J. Smith, Jr. ’79G and Roseann Smith  

Harry W. Smith, M.D. ’65 and Janice A. Smith 

Megan C. Smith ’91 and Matthew Smith†

John A. Sommer, Jr. ’93P and Judith A. Sommer ’93P

William Spillane

Albert J. Stackpole ’61 and Marianne H. Stackpole 

W. Brian Stark ’83 and Mary Schwitzer Stark ’83 

William A. Stein ’64 and Janice Stein 

Myriam E. Stettler ’78, ’83G 

Ronald P. Stride ’62 and Janet E. Stride 

Francis J. Sullivan ’67, ’93P, ’20GP and Judy Sullivan ’93P, ’20GP 

Dr. Francis J. Sullivan ’58 and Sylvia M. Sullivan ’66G

Hilda Sullivan†

Howard K. Sullivan†

Kenneth L. Sullivan, Esq. ’49† 

Peter Sullivan and Janice Sullivan  

Timothy J. Sullivan ’64, ’94P, ’95P and Geraldine Sullivan ’94P, ’95P 

Carolyn A. Sweeney ’90 

John L. Sweeney, III ’91 and Nancy J. Sweeney 

Olive T. Sweeney†

David J. Syner, C.P.A. ’71, ’97P and Frances Syner ’97P 

Edward R. Tasca ’65

Francis C. Taylor ’72, ’14P and Annmarie Squatrito Taylor ’14P

Nancy J. Thomas ’76  

Jay Torres, M.D. ’69†

Bruce C. Traficante ’69†

Francis R. Trainor, Ph.D. ’50, ’10Hon.† and Margaret Trainor† 

Leopold M. Trifari, M.D. ’38† and Helen Yappelli†

Edmond J. Trudelle ’78 and Patricia Trudelle

Raymond Vadnais ’54†

Elizabeth M. Van Houten ’76 

Stephen Vasconcellos ’69

Christopher F. Virgulak ’77 and Nancy A. Virgulak ’77

Mark T. Voll ’77 and Raymonde D. Voll  

Peter F. Wall ’61 and Mary Ann Wall 

James T. Waldron, Jr., Esq. ’67 and Karen Waldron 

Robert H. Walsh ’39, ’66Hon.†

William F. Wayland ’58, ’85P and Lorna Wayland ’85P 

Paul J. Whealon ’71 

Jacqueline M. Wheeler ’87, ’23P, ’25P

James T. Whiteman, Jr. ’63 

Mary Lou Wiese ’82SCE 

George A. Wilkinson ’43†

Msgr. John J. Williams ’60 

Brian D. Williamson ’91 

Joanne Speroni-Woody ’76, ’80G and Michael M. Woody ’77, ’83G 

Paul F. Wynn, Esq. ’65, ’89P, ’95P and Linda E. Wynn ’89P, ’95P 

Maurice E. Yandow, Jr. ’53 ’89P,’06GP† and Marilyn Yandow ’89P,’06GP†

William J. Zaryski, Jr. ’73 and Donna Zaryski  

Kurt E. Zecchin ’72†

Eugene J. Ziurys, Jr. ’56†and Regina Ziurys  

Victor W. Zuffoletti ’62†and Carol Zuffoletti

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