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Providentia Society Membership 2021-2022

Since 1971, women Friars have shaped the character and trajectory of PC through their abilities to enlighten minds, open hearts, and transform lives. To honor the contributions of women over the last 50 years and provide opportunities for those to come, Providence College invites its supporters to build an enduring legacy through the Providentia Endowed Fund. This new, permanent endowment fund will fuel women’s initiatives on campus and beyond and introduce regional and interest-based programming that brings PC women together through a grant application process.

To the ancient Romans, Providentia was a deity personifying foresight and provision. St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas adopted her name as a name for God’s loving care for creation.

Donors who have contributed $10,000 or more to the Providentia Endowed Fund during the 50th anniversary celebration are recognized as charter members of the Providentia Society.

The Leadership Committee is part of the core team determining the distribution of grant funds.
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For More Information

For more information about joining the Providentia Society or to apply for grant funding, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Therese Reilly ’83, ’19P, ’20P, ’22P

Senior Director, Stewardship & Donor Enagement
Harkins Hall 404
(401) 865-2557 | treilly7@providence.edu

Emily Synan

Assistant Director, Stewardship & Donor Engagement
Harkins Hall 429A
(401) 865-2089 | esynan@providence.edu